Our Story

Founded by Mr. Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar in 1937, The group thrives on the spirit of partnership. Our long-lasting alliances with market leading brands enable us to bring to our customers in Kuwait the latest and best in class solutions to every day problems

85 years of success

5xBusiness Verticals

We are a diversified business group built on our values led by a commitment to excellence

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Building tomorrow with an eye on the future

We have long standing relationships with industry leading globally renowned brands like Unilever, Canon, Thales, Blaupunkt, GE appliances, COSCO and others.

We bring to our global partners growth opportunities in innovation, efficiency and sustainability.

Partnership with 70+ Brands

Multi-channel business enterprises

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Our Heritage

The spirit of partnership is one of the founding principles of Al-Bahar Group. Over the years, we have established alliances with some of the world’s leading brands

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Our Partnerships

Our businesses represent some of the world’s leading brands, building long-standing relationships and earning us their trust with some partnerships stretching over 75 years

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Trusted provider of solutions

Global partners

Committed to enabling development and opportunities

The Timeline

1937 - Present

Business News

We update our news and achievements from our business units over here. Scroll through the news headlines and Click on the links to read more.

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Business Articles

Image Archive

Through the years

In the 85 years since Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar group has been operating in Kuwait, we have been witness to many events. The below image archive is a selection of images that captures a poignant moment in our history.

We invite you to scroll through the library and see the different stages of Kuwait’s formation.

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