About Us

Founded in 1937 by Mr. Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar, Al-Bahar Group holds the distinction of being one of the oldest commercial establishments in Kuwait. Since then, the group has been a pillar of the community. As one of the largest and most prominent businesses in the region, Al-Bahar Group has interests in consumer goods, shipping, consumer electronics and home appliances, office equipment IT solutions, asset management, and several other sectors.

The spirit of partnership is one of the founding principles of Al-Bahar Group. Over the years, we have established alliances with some of the world’s leading brands, which in turn has enabled us to bring the best and latest market solutions to Kuwait. Today, we count industry leaders like Unilever, Canon, Thales, Blaupunkt, GE appliances, COSCO and more as our long-term partners.

Apart from trade and commerce, Al-Bahar Group also runs several corporate social initiatives, including foundations, that focus on community service and giving back to our society in meaningful ways.

Our History

Our Founder

Al-Bahar Group was founded in 1937 by Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar. A visionary businessman, he contributed to transforming the face of modern Kuwait and was a key part of its institution building having established many of the premier organizations that serve the everyday needs of Kuwait.

He was also a key player setting up the country’s public institutions such as The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Educational Council, the Health Council and more. He is regarded one of Kuwait’s key nation builders who spearheaded Kuwait’s transition into a modern, self-reliant economy, and a progressive society

His humanitarian nature and philanthropic activities have won him the admiration and love of the public. In 2003, he was awarded the “Order of the British Empire” (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II.

Our Values


To Always be the Most Trusted and Best-in-Class Partner


Delivering excellence and success by directing our values, talents, resources and expertise to maximize customer satisfaction and to achieve sustainable growth for all stakeholders


  • We always deliver on our commitments
  • We consider our people to be our strength
  • We are one team
  • We listen, we care, we respect
  • We constantly work towards improvement

Our Business Partnerships

Banking Sector

Government Sector

Private Sector

Retail Distribution

Leadership Team

Meet the executive management team at Bahar Al-Kuwait Group Holding Company (BKGH).

The experienced management team includes seasoned veterans with expertise in consumer goods, automotive, heavy equipment, retail, consumer electronics, logistics, supply chain, strategy , marketing and communications.

Ihab Al Khatib

Group General Manager - BKGH

Abdullateef Al-Bahar

Group General Manager - FMCG Group

Dariusz Sobieraj

Group Chief Financial Officer - BKGH

Maher Tuffaha

Group Head of Finance

Ayman Samir Ayad

Group Head of Risk & Compliance

Nishad Victor

General Manager, Shipping

Rajee Rajab

General Manager - Food Division

Marry Joy Gomez

Sr. HR Manager - FMCG

Bassil Hadad

Sr. HR Manager - H.O, HAT & STT