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The Al-Bahar Group of Companies is one of the largest  and most  successful business concerns in the state  of  Kuwait, owned by  Mr. Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar, a well known and reputable Kuwaiti businessman.

Mr. Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar is the Chairman of the Al-Bahar Group, as well as the chairman of the National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait’s leading Bank.

The Al-Bahar Group comprises of several subsidiary firms, which are completely independent and responsible for each of their activities. Operational and management decisions for the different  companies are decentralized and each generate their own profit and loss statement.

THE COMPANY:Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar Group of Companies has witnessed an overwhelming growth pattern since its inception more than five decades ago. A 100% Kuwaiti owned company, it is one of the country’s pioneers in the fields of Heavy Equipment, Shipping, Travel, Home Appliances, Consumer Products and General Trading.

The Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar Group of Companies, although headquartered in Kuwait, has branches in Bahrain, UAE,  Qatar and Oman. Well known for its expertise, financial stability and reputation for delivering ahead of time, it has established itself firmly as a growing, upwardly mobile organization in the Middle East. Our professional management team comprises of highly trained individuals with an average of 15 years business experience. The many Companies that make up the Al-Bahar Group as a whole, function autonomously, but are linked with a state-of-the-art computer network. The Al-Bahar Group, oversees  the smooth functioning of the various Companies which handle Heavy Machinery & Equipment, Consumer Products, Home Furniture, Home Appliances, Office Equipment, Computers, Security Systems, Travel & Tourism, Shipping and General Trading Projects.
The Al-Bahar Group also has the advantage of functioning as subcontractors for major projects and has earned itself an excellent reputation for carrying out extensive work for various Governmental Departments.
The Al-Bahar Group’s multinational work force covering employees throughout the Gulf is well over 1500 strong. The staff are hand-picked for both their professionalism and dedication. It is this dedication, teamed with excellent facilities and working conditions it offers its employees, that is ultimately responsible for its reputation for Quality & Service. Due to the rapid expansion and nature of business the companies handle, the Company has been divided into three groups.
The three Groups are:-
1. Machinery Group
2. General Trading Group
3. Corporate Support Functions
As the Al-Bahar Group continues to grow, so does its impeccable reputation in all its undertakings. A reputation earned by attention to detail and a personal interest in every venture.
Al-Bahar invites you to place your trust in its  capable hands and benefit from its vast experience, which is your guarantee to success.